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We're proud to announce series of Counter-Strike tournaments for the Czech and Slovak communities with prizes by ZOWIE GEAR which are 5x G-TF Speed mousepads. First tournament is scheduled for 18th April and detailed information about it, in Czech language, can be found below. Tournament starts at 18:30CET, but needed check-in s ... read more
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We had a pretty good run last year, so it's important to start the new 2014 in the same fashion. Together with ThermalTake we are announcing Tt Commander COD4 Tournament. First qualifier starts on Thursday 9th January 2014, with total of 4 qualifiers and 8 team league finals. No time to waste, sign-up your team and get a chance ... read more
Postado 2 years ago por eksor 2 comments
Excello are back once again to host another Counter-Strike tournament for Balkans teams, sponsored by ZOWIE with 5x P-TF pads. Schedule and tournament information is available within this news post as well as on the tournament page itself. The signups for the open tournament which will take place on December 6th are open from no ... read more
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Four weeks, four cups, one winner. It is ZOWIE Monthly series, starting on Sunday 10th November 2013 19:00CET with the first cup. For the team with the most points at the end of the month we have some 5x ZOWIE G-TF Rough. And to make it more interesting we only have 32 slots per each cup, so no time to waste for you guys get you ... read more
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